A Little About Me

Hi, I'm Nicole! 

I am the owner & Licensed Master Esthetician (LME) at Skin Angel Aesthetics, LLC inside Fringe Salon! 


I have been in my profession for 18+ years and have worked with some of the top Plastic Surgeons, Salons, Laser and Medical Spa's in the Hampton Roads area. These experiences have led me to integrate a blend of best treatments & products for my clientele.


I have worked with numerous professional skin care lines, which is why I have chosen Rhonda Allison as my professional skin care provider! If you haven't experienced it before you will love it!


Due to my love, passion, and knowledge for the industry it only makes sense to work with an elite skin care line to help my clients achieve their skin goals. My focus is high end quality consultation and services that will help you attain your best results. 


I am excited about this opportunity and look forward to working with you!

Nicole Head Shot.jpg