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A Little About US

Hi, I'm Nicole!

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I am the owner & Licensed Master Esthetician (LME) at Skin Angel Aesthetics, LLC! 

I have been in my profession for 20+ years and have worked with some of the top Plastic Surgeons, Salons, Laser and Medical Spa's in the Hampton Roads area. These experiences have led me to integrate a blend of best treatments & products for my clientele.

I have worked with numerous professional skin care lines, which is why I have chosen Rhonda Allison and Obagi as my professional skin care providers! If you haven't experienced them before you will love it!

  Due to my love, passion, and knowledge for the industry it only makes sense to work with elite skin care lines to help my clients achieve their skin goals. My focus is high end quality consultation and services that will help you attain your best results. 

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Hi, I'm Emily!

Emily has been a registered nurse in the aesthetic industry in various roles since 2014.

She began her aesthetics career in the operating room of a popular local plastic surgeon, observing and assisting in surgical facial surgeries.

In 2018 she became an aesthetic Nurse injector and loves to help people achieve natural looking results through non-surgical injectables.  Emily enjoys the combination of science and art in her work.

When not at the spa, she is a musician, artist and singer. 

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Hi, I'm Janssen!


Janssen Salinas is a Master Esthetician in the Hampton Roads area with a passion for igniting clients confidence by utilizing advanced customized aesthetic treatments designed for optimal lasting results; in concert with a holistic mind body approach.


Janssen also possesses firm and strong knowledge of professional product lines and appropriate treatments in a dynamic and ever changing skin care/beauty industry.


After earning a masters certification from the Chrysm Institute of Esthetics in Virginia Beach, she embarked on a diverse employment history including the 3rd largest Dermatology Practice in the country, Forbes four-star resort spa, a busy day spa that is a staple in Norfolk’s Ghent area, as well as a boutique spa in the heart of the blossoming Phoebus in Historic Hampton.


Among her expanding and continuing education she currently specializes in but is not limited to:
Facials, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, Dermaplaning, Micro needling, Electrodessication (Cautery), LED, IPL, Waxing


Thoughts from Janssen~
“I am so thrilled to continue the next chapter of my professional skin care journey with the amazingly talented team at Skin Angel Esthetics. My goal is to provide inviting comfortable effective treatments that exceed client expectations to continue to elevate the spa experience you’ll receive at Skin Angel Aesthetics. I sincerely hope to see each and everyone of you in my treatment room. Cheers! “


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Hi, I'm Makenna!

 Makenna was born and raised in Chesapeake, Va. 

She attended and graduated from the Chrysm Institute of Esthetics where she received  her professional and masters licenses. 

While attending Chrysm, Makenna fell in love with the medical side of esthetics, and performing result oriented treatments!

Makenna feels that the best part of her job is getting to know the person behind the skin, and helping them realize their own beauty!


When she's not in the spa you can find her snuggled up with her dog, Gigi, and a good book or bingeing her favorite tv shows. Makenna also enjoy spending time with her friends and family and the occasional target and Starbucks run!

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Hi, I'm Justine!

Justine was a client in the skincare industry for many years before she decided to take health, beautification, and confidence to a whole different measure.

Several years ago, Justine enrolled as an Esthetician student taking an interest in the vast scope of

non-surgical facial treatments. Fast forward she is now a licensed Master Esthetician from 

Chrysm Institute of Esthetics in Virginia Beach!
Justine has an appreciation for the modern advances available. together we can collectively analyze and find a routine that would be perfect for your unique needs and expectations. A tailored service, along with a professional grade home care routine will achieve the best outcome.


"My favorite services to perform are ANYTHING anti-aging and of course…relaxation!
A huge thank you to Nicole for bringing me on board with her Angel team… I am looking forward to
working with such respectful and reputable talent, as well as sharing my techniques with clients to
promote an amazing self-confidence and beautiful you!

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Hi, I'm Rozalina!

Rozalina was born & raised in Hampton Roads and received her Master’s Esthetician License from the Chrysm Institute. She has a passion for helping others, sharing knowledge about skincare, and curating quality skincare regimens for her clients. From struggling with her own skin conditions herself from a young age, Rozalina was motivated to learn as much as she can about quality skincare and how she could develop a beneficial regimen for herself but to also help others feel confident in their skin. 


While attending Chrysm, she fell in love with performing corrective treatments and helping others learn more about their own skin type! Rozalina takes pride in her ability to help her clients feel relaxed, comfortable, and aware of skincare habits to implement in their day to day. She aims to provide an informative visit for her clients, while helping them leave & feel better than when they arrived. 


Outside of the treatment room, you can find her at dance performances for her Polynesian dance group, at the gym, or at the beach, with sunscreen and water of course! Rozalina also enjoys reading and building memories with her friends and family during her downtime.

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Hi, I'm Emily!


Emily, our Spa Coordinator, has lived in Virginia Beach essentially her whole life.

She has been in the Skincare & Beauty industry for years, previously working as a Beauty Advisor for a Luxury Makeup & Skincare Company.


After years being in that particular industry she discovered that she of course still did love makeup & always will, but, that she has a passion for the Professional & Medical Aesthetics, Skincare side of things.

She is a lifelong learner and always striving to expand her horizons in order to ensure that every client gets all of the information needed in order for them to have the most relaxing and fitting treatment for their concerns, personal needs, & preferences. 


When Emily is not working, she enjoys listening to music, being in nature,

 spending time with her family, and her dog, Oakley + her kitty, Jasper.


She has a passion for bringing people joy & confidence through self-care. 

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