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Lash Extensions

Classic Lash Extensions

Our most natural looking set to give you a simple yet beautiful "mascara" effect.

The Classic Set is best if you want to enhance your natural lashes, you don't normally wear a lot of makeup, or this is your first time booking and you're not sure what to book!


2 Week Classic Refill- $50.00

3 Week Classic Refill- $65.00



Hybrid Lash Extensions

 The Hybrid set is a mix between the Classic Set and the Volume Set adding texture and fluff to your natural lashes! Results are achieved using a mix of handmade volume fans and individual lashes.


2 Week Hybrid Refill- $65.00

3 Week Hybrid Refill- $80.00


Volume Lash Extensions

The volume set is step down from Mega Volume and a step up from Hybrid Lashes!

If you love a glamorous full lash this set is for you! Each natural lash gets

4-5D hand-made volume fans applied.


2 Week Volume Refill- $75.00

3 Week Volume Refill- $90.00


Mega Volume Lash Extensions

 For those who love full glam, Mega Volume will give you a dense and dramatic look without weighing down your eyes.

Results are achieved using 10D+ small diameter hand made mega volume fans.


2 Week Mega Volume Refill-$85.00

3 Week Mega Volume Refill- $100.00


*Disclaimer: Results depend on your natural lash foundation. 

Lashes can be styled however you like! (Cat eye, Doll eye, Wispy, Wet eye, etc.)


Lash Extension Removal

 For clients wo want their lash extensions removed. Results are achieved using a cream remover designed to safely and quickly remove lash extensions without any damage to your natural lashes-  $30.00

Lash Extension Removal Add-on

 If your lashes are done by another lash artist, book an add on removal service along with your full set, as our artist does not work over others work as a safety measure.- $30.00

Lash Lift & Tinting Services

Lash Tint

A safe vegetable dye that darkens your upper and lower lashes a beautiful deep black for 6 weeks!



Brow Tint

A safe vegetable dye that darkens your eyebrows. Brow tint color is customized for you and lasts for 4 weeks.



Lash Lift and Tint

A semi-permanent treatment that lifts, curls and darkens your lashes for 6 weeks. It is best described as a perm for your lashes! Great alternative to false lashes causing damage and weakness to your real lashes.


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